all the best soup maker recipes

Soup Maker Recipes – All My Favourites

Soup makers continue to grow in popularity and show no sign of slowing down. Before I got my soup maker I did wonder whether it would be one of those gimmicky marketing ploys to get me to part with my money. But, I was wrong. I have had my soup maker (and tested various others…

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Britain's Favourite Soup

Let’s Find Britain’s Favourite Soup! (2018)

Recently I had an idea for a blog post – find Britain’s favourite soups (the top 10), make each of them in my soup maker and then share the recipes with you here. However, once I began to try and track down any surveys or statistics, the most recent one I could find was taken…

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Graze Box Review

I am a bit of a snacker. OK,┬ámaybe a lot of a snacker. Crisps are my biggest downfall, a habit I have been trying to break for a long time, without success. I’ve been eyeing up snack subscription boxes for some time now, so first up are one of the biggest brands in the world…

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